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Arrabbiata1 October 2nd, 2016 02:10 AM

WSB & WSS Magny-Cours (SPOILERS!!!!!)
Not a huge fan of this place, although it did possibly save Steve Martin's life when as a victim of that massive crash at Turn 1 on the FP1 in '05, took a blow to the kidneys. Had he not have had the accident a malignant tumour that was discovered by a later MRI may have gone undetected.

Have to say, kudos again to Pirelli - how those wets stayed intact for Camier and Savadori is beyond me. Astute choice from Chaz with the rear intermediate and actually a very good ride from Sykes in the circumstances.

#22 October 2nd, 2016 08:32 AM

Chaz doubled up today. I haven't seen the race yet but well done.

Incidentally, I've yet to see Steeeve post anywhere in any of the WSBK threads so far, despite claiming we all are Rossi obsessed. The irony is, he only posts when Rossi debates come up.

Motokitty October 2nd, 2016 08:53 PM

Race 1 was a mess but interesting in good way. As Arrab said, tire choice decided the result.
I enjoyed the battle between two kawasakis in race 2. Again hats off to Chaz.

I'm getting sad that the season is almost over. I started watching WSBK this season and enjoy watching it if not more than MotoGP.

Arrabbiata1 October 3rd, 2016 01:57 AM

WSS - I love the way Cluzel rides a bike - great style. Similar front ender wash outs for PJ, Gino Rea and Sofuoglu.

Shame Chaz is so many points adrift.

Richy56 October 6th, 2016 07:19 AM

Don't get chance to watch Wsbk these days. Every spare chance I get I try to ride bikes. I do sometimes catch by chance the highlights (which are shit coverage). Saw magny cours and got to say I was dissapointed with the racing and the crowds. It's a shame as it used to be awesome.

I enjoy bsb and the roads better. Wsbk has lost something not sure what but it needs that something back. Prob needs Honda, yam and Suzuki to get their arse in gear and take it seriously. And prob Ducati, must say that pani gale makes me puke. Give me a 916, 996, 998, 1098, 1198, fuck even a 999

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