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September 10th, 2021, 06:23 AM   #91
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Originally Posted by #22 View Post
It won't. As others have said, it gets feisty here sometimes, usually flame wars from trolls who have been butthurt in the past under different alias' and sole intention is to troll. Most of the time we don't bite, but in this case I had to set the record straight.

Thanks, I certainly enjoy it. The problem is most in the know thing karts are like the rental ones at your local theme park. The gearbox (or shifter in the US) classes I run in are mental, with speeds of up to 150mph.

I've owned many, many karts. I still have my first first one hanging on my garage wall. I sold my 250 superkart some time ago as it just became too much to maintain so I stepped back down to 125, here is my current baby:

Not sure if he still does, but for many years Wayne ran 250 superkart at 'Guna and was seriously quick!

Do it sometime, there are plenty of places outdoor you can rent. If you love bikes you'll love it. Whereabouts in the US re you?

Gee, why didn't I think of that?

Still failed to answer the question as to why YOU aren't in MotoGP btw.

I'm done, I proved your troll status, so back to being blocked you go.

I assume you are talking about little Walter, but in my case, you criticised my hobby before I returned the favour. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Awesome, have you ever done Laguna Seca? It's on my bucket list!

Thanks Mike, appreciated. Always have time for you as you know.

Exactly. I'm still racing 25 yrs later, none of the kids I started with at my club are and apart from a few who had the finance to make it to F1, very few of the kids I raced with nationally are still doing it. I know one thing for sure, I'm still enjoying it, unlike them.

My apologies, I kind of flared this up by taking the troll bait. I don't normally but sometimes you have to draw a line and take a stand.

Sorry man, my bad!

In answer to your question, yes Iíve done Laguna. In my early days so I wasnít near fast enough as the balls hadnít dropped yet

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September 10th, 2021, 07:44 PM   #92
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Originally Posted by #22 View Post

Thanks Mike, appreciated. Always have time for you as you know.

I meant Keshav more than you in this case, I have never had any differences with you, just about always enjoy your posts about bike racing, and like Gaz actively admire your enthusiasm for and continued participation in kart racing. As I said I have a school friend likely significantly older than you who still participates in drag racing which I also admire.
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dovi, nickname

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