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Macca September 21st, 2020 02:34 AM

Latest Petronas/VR46 Rumours
This is all being translated, so it's a bit unclear for me but it seems after a now deleted tweet the current rumor mill is:

Rossi has signed a 1 year deal with Petronas

He will then start his own VR46 team with..... Suzuki

At least they are trying to keep us all entertained with the pantomime that is rider contracts at the moment.


MigsAngel September 22nd, 2020 01:20 AM

p4p1 September 22nd, 2020 03:42 AM

Interesting article. I think this is also a very interesting subject because there is so many positives and negatives for everyone involved. Would be a huge get for Suzuki if they signed Rossi's team. I think Yamaha will see Petronas as their future. I was of the belief that Petronas would be looking to be the factory teams main sponsor. Would Yamaha do a full shuffle to allow Rossi to keep his team in a Yamaha?

I think Rossi has seen that Jarvis isn't a great team leader. Rossi has used that his benefit in the past but once he retires, I'm sure his sole focus will be on his own team and his own riders. I'm not convinced that Rossi would want to be involved in a junior team for a factory run by Jarvis.

Razali has IMO shown himself to be an excellent team manager in his teams second year they are leading the teams championship and it would be surprising if the factory team beat them, Quartararo is one of if not the championship favourites in many peoples eyes and the team has won 3 of the 7 races. No other team has won 2 this year. So while the riders are a component of that, the team that he or Petronas has put together is clearly very good. The Yamaha factory team has been extremely divided and very adversarial since 2008 when Lorenzo arrived. It doesn't matter how much that has to do with the personalities involved, it is IMO a sign of bad team management how obvious it has been. I believe Rossi has pushed Jarvis around because he knew he could. Whether or not Jarvis has been hamstrung to allow it by Yamaha or not I obviously am not sure.

For Yamaha they would basically get the first pic of Rossi's academy riders, the downside for Petronas may be that they feel it is too Italian centric. However I am sure that Rossi and Petronas could come to some agreements, particularly for Asian prospects, which I believe is what Petronas would want.

I think Suzuki is in it for the long haul but their history doesn't confirm that. Yamahas does and a proper factory partnership with Petronas would IMO, if Petronas are willing to go all in as they have with f1 be enormously beneficial to Yamaha's famously smaller budget. Which is another positive IMO for Rossi if he was to partner with Petronas and Yamaha. I think it is highly likely that next year is a way for Rossi, Petronas and Yamaha to dip their toe in to see how working together is. As much as I want to see more bikes and more Suzuki's on the grid, it would IMO be a boneheaded move on Yamahas part if they let Rossi's academy slip through their fingers and go elsewhere. With so many competitive factories it is going to be more important than ever for teams to get a linear path for prospects from Moto3 to MotoGP. Previously if you missed out on a top prospect they wouldn't be a threat because there were 4 competitive bikes, now missing out on a real talent can comeback to haunt you like never before.

p4p1 September 22nd, 2020 03:51 AM

Just read this, which has another angle that I had considered but not as seriously as this article makes it seem. Suzuki could lure Petronas to their side of the grid, with promises of 4 full factory bikes. Petronas are unhappy with their situation with Yamaha, I would also suspect that being forced to hire Rossi is part of that. To me it looks like Petronas want to be on par with a factory team. As far as I can tell Suzuki don't have a major sponsor, Petronas and Suzuki could be exactly what each other are looking for.

Maybe Red Bull/KTM and Ducati/Pramac will force all manufacturers and title sponsors to rethink the way their teams are currently set up.

Keshav September 22nd, 2020 06:30 AM

I know this is not exactly original thinking, but I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Rossi were using the possibility of going to Suzuki as leverage for a more favorable deal from Yamaha in 22. I can definitely see either Petronas or Suzuki being wary of Rossi upsetting what has become a balanced team effort because he is known for being a guy who's not afraid to throw his weight around.

Hollywood September 22nd, 2020 09:41 AM

Is the deal for Rossi and Petronas really finished? I keep hearing and reading in different publications that it is "99%" done, and some details were still being worked out...

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