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July 27th, 2018, 01:26 PM   #321
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Originally Posted by synn View Post
The only oil slick I encountered, touch wood, was going in a straight line. Motocross experience from way back when helped and I got the rear in check instantly.
Some roads the diesel slicks are worse but I have only really had issues once with an oil slick.

Many years ago before the speed limit was lowered, starts to get a speed up, tips into a right, sees a line of oil way to late, had to go across it or pick up into the trees so went across it, slid but caught it somehow although by now was headed off the road but at this point was a dirt pull over spot that was entry to a fire trail. Ended up 30 or so feet off the road but upright although guys behind me were not all as lucky.

Found out later that it was a deliberate oil slick put down by one of the local towing businesses to get a few jobs for the day.

He ended in court as the cops got involved, as for what happened to him well rumours are he had a few 'falls' across the next few years that saw him get some bruises
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July 27th, 2018, 01:45 PM   #322
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I am a licensed Rider Coach, I teach people to ride. I try my best to be a safe, competent rider in all environments. That being said, I enjoy using my bike to some of its potential. Practicing body position, lean angles and entry/apex/exit strategies on the street is all well and good as long as I am not putting others (or myself to a lesser degree) in danger. The mates I ride with are all competent riders, we've been riding together for years and know the drill. No cock measuring contests and no trophy for being the first at the crash site.

Me and some mates on a ride the other day. I am on the Repsol.

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July 27th, 2018, 02:55 PM   #323
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Originally Posted by Arrabbiata1 View Post
Agree and disagree JPS.

I hang off a bike on the road because the body position gives me more control and feel. I get through a pair of sliders every summer simply through road use irrespective of track days - not because I treat the road as a race track. If I didn't hang off, I would generally be at the same angle of lean and at the same speed without the benefit of using my slider as a gauge or the confidence it instills. Whether you hang off or not, (even if you don't attack a corner) and hit oil or God forbid diesel and the bike is leant you're into the weeds regardless. With your knee down there is at least a remote chance of saving it.

We have to adjust our style on the road and often compromise lines to survive, but I see nothing wrong with grinding around a shell grip constant radius corner on a set of street/sport tyres with good visibility on a country road.

Treating the public roads as a racetrack is an entirely different matter - particularly since those that do often endanger themselves and other road users through an over estimation of their own capabilities and I agree completely.
Yep - I hit a patch of oil or radiator fluid one afternoon up in the Bronx in I'd say '84 and wasn't leaned over and went down. Luckily unhurt. While there's always been those who overestimate their capabilities, my perception is that since the popularity of stunting has exploded, I see a huge uptick in young guys doing insanely reckless stuff on public roads. After a few years of club racing, I stopped going on roads with anyone I didn't really know well. Too often there'd be some hotdog kid a few bikes back who'd be watching my brake light and try to brake at the same place and we'd end up digging him out of the bushes and arranging a tow truck to take the bike home.
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July 27th, 2018, 10:27 PM   #324
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Sorry folks but I can't keep up with you lot. Got my licence last year and must get all of 6 or 7 degrees of lean angle when I'm feeling brave
I have managed to get the full 90 though when I stalled pulling into a parking space at the supermarket. I always thought the lid was there to protect your head but I learned that day it's really to hide embarrasment when you do something stupid.
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July 29th, 2018, 07:34 PM   #325
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So...... Still another week to go until next race.

Here's some light reading....

Using finite element modelling and simulations to test MotoGP race bikes
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July 30th, 2018, 01:26 AM   #326
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I Ride: 2016 Honda Blade Repsol SP
I've been watching documentaries on the TT. I hate the break.
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