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May 21st, 2017, 05:48 PM   #81
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Originally Posted by birdman View Post
I didn't see this as a win at all costs throw caution to the wind ride from Rossi at all. What did happen was he made an uncharacteristic error then panicked and threw a sure win away. On the last 2 laps if anyone looked close to crashing it was Vinales. He made one mistake he was lucky to get away with and on the last lap looked loose as a goose but managed to hold it together. What I saw was Vinales going win at all costs knowing a Rossi victory prior to Mugello on the #70 tire would swing the momentum strongly in Rossi's favor for the championship. All Vinales managed was to delay the shift for a fortnight, Rossi will win Mugello at a canter and then its most definitely championship on for the rest of the season. The crash appears bad but I think the opposite, at this stage of his career Rossi has proven a nervous front runner, chasing Vinales down especially in the latter stages if it turns out that way will help Rossi get to his holy 10th grail.

No surprise for me watching the race knowing Rossi was on his favored #70 tire he looked to be in complete control and biding his time until the last laps. Check both passes on Zarco and Vinales, at the same part of the track where Miller and Marquez went down, Rossi is benefitting from the extra stability and dives deep on the brakes as is his trademark. To set up those moves at such a high speed corner means Rossi is brimming with confidence now, his apparent Yamaha set-up travails a thing of the past with the stiff construction, no surprise there as its what he wanted since day 1 of testing way back at Valencia.

For mine both Vinales and Zarco did not appear as comfortable on the new spec tire as they were previously, at the time in the race where both would usually pull away they both appeared tentative and unwilling to push. Then there was Marquez on the supposed good for Honda more stable 70 tire looking as bad as he has pretty much has in his whole time in motogp, throwing it down the road countless times. He may now be rethinking his comments on the tire change vote. Might have made a tactical error. From what he says, they all outright rejected #70 back in Valencia due to some sort of mis-match between carcass and rubber. Rossi was the only rider who favored it. For those questioning tire conspiracy theories, just consider after being outright rejected by all riders bar one, Michelin rather than simply shelve it instead went away and actually continued to develop the #70 tire, rather than continue to develop the tire the majority of the riders preferred. Strange, why bother? Could have been developing the #06 tire, instead they appear to have come up with rubber which overheats and doesn't suit that construction. Again, very strange development practice. Until we see, according to Marquez, that they have come up with a rubber which actually makes the #70 work, it all makes sence. It looks to me like this was a priority, and the instigator of yet another rider vote, yes its that man Capirossi again.

Honestly the safety director or whatever the hell he is pisses me off no end with his bullshit, we had 2 riders loosing the front yet again at a very fast dangerous section of track and it was a miracle Miller was not seriously injured, where the fuck is safety man Capirossi reviewing both suitability of the front tire and the uneven runoff that sent Miller flying into the air? No concern of Capi no doubt he will be looking forward to Mugello. And no surprise Lorenzo, two weeks after finding form at Jerez, suddenly forgot how to ride once again at the same circuit he demolished the field just 12 months ago, by coincidence just before a tire change. Its mid season no tire should be taken away. I noticed for the race Miller went for the soft front, the tire which supposedly doesn't suit the Honda, no doubt just hoping for some confidence the front will stick or at least give some warning before it lets go. Which by the way was the whole purpose of the original softer carcass tire they just happened to have taken away. Add a new construction by all means but taking away tires certain riders favor and are more comfortable on only increases the risk and likelihood of crashing, it doesn't benefit safety Capi, who by the way should be sacked for incompetence.
Capirossi doesn't really give that much of a safety, and neither does Dorna for that matter. The one entity that should care is the FIM, but they do what they are told.

The Michelin front tire is an absolute pile of shit, that should be withdrawn on safety grounds. When did it become acceptable to engineer a subpar racing slick that gives no warning before putting riders into the tarmac? We'll never know, but I suspect with the 2015 Bridgestone front tire, we don't see all of these crashes in the same manner of the front washing out.

#70 as mentioned by someone doesn't show up till Mugello. If this doesn't help the Honda at all, they are going to need to redesign that chassis for real if they haven't started already.
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May 21st, 2017, 07:16 PM   #82
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MM may really need the "new" tyre.

I am beginning to wonder how HRC got him to settle for position all of last season to win that title. Perhaps drugs/pharmaceuticals were involved.

Last edited by michaelm; May 21st, 2017 at 08:43 PM.
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May 21st, 2017, 10:39 PM   #83
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Marquez's moment - quite a similar look to Millers and Marquez's earlier season crash (IMO) -

Same as above but with english commentary and a bit longer - shows attempts to restart -

Rossi overtaking Vinales -

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May 22nd, 2017, 01:51 AM   #84
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What a race. It was a shame to see Marquez drop it. I don't know if his tyre selection was going make him stronger in the end (if he made it that far) but it would have been nice to see him in the mix for those final laps.
Hats off to Zarco, can you really ask anything more from his Rookie year? Hopefully he can keep this momentum going.
What a ride from Dani. It's a shame to see the contact with Cal but all things considered I think it's easy to see it was un-intentional and Dani was clearly running at a much quicker pace. It's great to see him 2nd in the WC and mention Hayden.
Rossi looked like he had managed everything to perfection, until those final laps. I'll admit that he rode a great race to bring the challenge to Vinales, but I've seen him be the victor of too many questionable battles to have any real sympathy for him throwing it down the road all by himself. I wonder who Uccio blames for making Rossi crash?
Phenomenal race by Vinales, he pushed harder than I thought he would at the start and managed to keep Zarco in check and then apply the pressure on everyone else to keep in touch. Much to Rossi's credit he did keep in touch but Vinales had risen the bar so high that even the Jesus of Motogp couldn't keep his composure realising the pace required to keep it in front of Top Gun was hotter than he expected. It's not like he needed a confidence boost but I imagine that becoming a member of the exclusive club of riders that have had a showdown with Rossi (+ the Yellow army) and have come out on top must feel very rewarding.
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May 22nd, 2017, 04:26 AM   #85
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Originally Posted by Arrabbiata1 View Post
That wasn't an intentionally dirty move as I saw it. Crutchlow was slightly off line or was running a late apex and Dani on the tighter line went for the gap. Perfectly acceptable.
Do you remember a certain Simoncelli, he did what Dani did, only downside was Dani came off and broke his collarbone. Must admit I'm glad to see Honda struggling, now if Yamaha got the same it would make for a far more interesting year.
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May 22nd, 2017, 04:37 AM   #86
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Originally Posted by Theo View Post
Do you remember a certain Simoncelli, he did what Dani did, only downside was Dani came off and broke his collarbone. Must admit I'm glad to see Honda struggling, now if Yamaha got the same it would make for a far more interesting year.
The two incidents are not even remotely close.
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May 22nd, 2017, 05:24 AM   #87
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Originally Posted by Theo View Post
Do you remember a certain Simoncelli, he did what Dani did, only downside was Dani came off and broke his collarbone. Must admit I'm glad to see Honda struggling, now if Yamaha got the same it would make for a far more interesting year.
Marco attempted to go around the outside of Pedrosa into Museum and clipped his front taking it away in the process. As JPS said, it wasn't remotely similar and as reckless and wild as it was, I've always said it was centimetres away from being hailed as one of the greatest moves since Schwantz did the same to Rainey at the Melbourne Loop in 1991. Difference was - he pulled it off. There aren't many if any that can say that they've passed Wayne Rainey on the outside.
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May 22nd, 2017, 06:15 AM   #88
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So neither of you will admit Dani came into that corner way to hot and had to plough into Crutchlow.

BTW look at the video of Simoncelli and Pedrosa, Simoncelli was already past him at the apex

Oh and btw it wasn't Museum it was S Chemin Aux Boeufs, Museum is the one afte L'Chappelle

Last edited by Theo; May 22nd, 2017 at 06:21 AM. Reason: additional information
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May 22nd, 2017, 06:44 AM   #89
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Great race, Had to feel for Rossi, he looked completely dejected after the crash. He's riding brilliantly this year, but, Maverick is unreal. Fair play to the Doctor for racing like that against guys so much younger.

Pedrosa, wtf? He seems to spend most weekends sitting in 4th waiting for a crash!
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May 22nd, 2017, 06:55 AM   #90
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These announcers are the worst. when rossi took the lead i thought these 2 were going to bust a nut.

couldn't put up the points fast enough when rossi took the lead almost instantly with the live points. then i had to wait a half hour to see rossi is in 3rd place.

rossi has pounced a brilliant move was the quote on the zarco pass

another remarkable race by the 38 year old lol

the maverick pass had this maybe my favorite

he's through rossi takes the lead. what a race 38 years old leading the championship ROSSI SEND REVERBERATIONS AROUND THE WORLD


rossi has brilliant corner speed lol better grip than vinalez

danny prodosa gifted the podium

maverick started losing because of the pressure lol

then as rossi is walking back after the crash what a race by rossi. hahahaha the guy crashes and they say what a race by him. im laughing at the comment i dont want anyone to crash just to be perfectly clear.

i just didn't expect rossi to make mistakes. lol matt burke said that
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