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April 7th, 2016, 11:55 PM   #531
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Originally Posted by michaelm View Post
Capirossi hadn't won 7 premier class titles previously, and hadn't had a meritorious race win as recently as late 2010 while recovering from a compound fracture.
Capirossi isn't the best example I agree, but my point was Rossi was given an unfavourable advantage of getting the Yamaha seat. His 2013 season as has been said, was no better than Spies' 2011/2012 (discounting the myriad of mechanical failures he had) so why was he not even considered for the seat? Very early into 2012, around the time Stoner announced his retirement, it was pretty much a given that Rossi wouldn't be on the Ducati in 2012 (as per Carmelo's "competitive bike" statement) and it sure as hell wasn't going to be Stoners Honda, which only left Yamaha. I find it a strong coincidence that Spies bike had such a terrible year for which of course I am not blaming Rossi, but it seems that one way or another, it was decided in early 2012 that as soon as he could see out his Ducati contract, Rossi would be back at Yamaha.

You make the mistake of thinking I am a Rossi hater. I am not. As you have noted with Povol, and Arrabiata, I admire his skill on a motorcycle and would be downright foolish to dismiss that he is a damn good rider. However, some of his results are srtificial such as his 2003 title when it was all but sewn up in the first race. As for the GOAT moniker? No way on earth. The reason? Rossi refuses to accept parity with his team mates. Mike Hailwood was dead before I was even born sadly, but I've read about his career and not once have I read about him demanding a wall between his team mate, not sharing data, vetoing team mates. Plus he rode in an era when the Isle of Man TT was a championship race.

Look at Ayrton Senna, to me the greatest driver who ever lived. He only veto'd a team mate once, and that was in Lotus in 1986 and purely because he didn't feel the team could competitively run 2 cars. He even offered to drive for free for Williams in 1993 and was so incensed that Alain Prost had a Senna veto clause in his contract that he openly called him a coward in the Press conference in late 1992. He likened it to running a 100m race where Prost was wearing the best running shoes money can buy and all his competitors were wearing lead boots. He was never worried about beating his team mate. True greats are never afraid of racing on equal machinery.

Rossi requested Edwards as a team mate, Veto'd Stoner, tried to veto Lorenzo, then issued Yamaha an ultimatum to ged rid of him, then threw a jissy fit and went to Ducati. As has been said by Povol, while he may ride a motorcycle well, he is a weasel of a person hiding behind his bubbly personality and who not only doesn't condemn, but encourages the mob base of his fandom to bring the sport into disrepute and also introduces a toxic atmosphere into any team he rides for. While the media side may suffer, the sport as a whole will be improved once he leaves.

That said, I would still be the first to compliment him if he rides well, as I have done in the past.
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April 8th, 2016, 12:06 AM   #532
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Originally Posted by #22 View Post
He likened it to running a 100m race where Prost was wearing the best running shoes money can buy and all his competitors were wearing lead boots.
MotoGP 2002.
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April 9th, 2016, 11:00 AM   #533
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Originally Posted by povol View Post
Who said anything about going the same speed. It has already been determined that in the right circumstance, they are capable of causing a crash. Riders go down all the time and are hit or almost hit by another bike.
Really not trying to be pedantic, but in the "right circumstances" an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters will eventually write a perfect copy of Romeo and Juliet. Even getting snagged on someones footpeg could potentially take a rider down. But is it likely? I mean, in what other circumstances other than riders traveling at comparable speeds would there be a likelihood of two riders coming close enough to each other for the winglets to potentially become an issue?

Last edited by Keshav; April 9th, 2016 at 11:19 AM.
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April 9th, 2016, 01:04 PM   #534
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Povol,your ideas about winglets are farfetched
Your a big man. If everythings in proportion your cock must look like a Louisville Slugger with a helmet on.
In the right circumstance your Tenessee Titan could pop out of your your trousers and poke a hole through anyone standing in front of you, or even trip a passerby
In the right circumstance anthing can happen, even those two Canadians Juice and Ambassador could get laid
Theses are all plausible scenarios but very unlikely to ever happen.
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